Lime Pie


The Florida Keys may have been famous for their beaches and tropical paradise, but it is the key lime pie which makes it more of a delight to foodies and pie enthusiasts worldwide.


Lime PieThe Key Lime pie originate from the Florida Keys, hence the name, but it is really because the main ingredient for the Key Lime Pie is the Key Lime which can be found in Florida.

Many people argue on what really makes a Key Lime Pie. Some people prefer graham crusts over pastry crusts, while there are some who prefer their Key Lime Pies cooked, then there are others who prefer the souring method instead.

What most people agree on about their Key Lime Pies is how it is rich, smooth and delicious because of the condensed milk.

Key Lime Pie is a relatively simple dessert and the pie filling is made only with just three ingredients: key limes, sweetened condensed milk and eggs.

lime pie

Simple enough but packs a lot of flavor in its very simple package. A crust must be filled with one’s choice of crust, the ingredients are mixed and topped on this crust and a whip-cream or meringue topping is added to the already decadent dessert. Being this simple, no one can go wrong when making this beloved pie.