piesImagine a serving of decadent blueberry pie with cream on the side. How about pumpkin pie, or minced meat pie? Don’t the images make you wet your appetite and make you crave for pie? Any type of pie really, be it sweet and fruity, decadent and rich, or full of meaty flavor, one is bound to like at least one kind of pie.

The humble pie has gotten quite a reputation in pop culture. From references in literature to movies to songs, pies have been referred to many times. Perhaps the reason for this reference is the fact that pies are adored by many. It has been a staple in most Sunday celebrations for people across the United States and other countries.

The humble pie’s references is a testament to the fact that pie is craved for and wanted by a lot of people. The humble pie is indulgent without going over the top, unlike cakes, the pie can be made from anything limited only to the imagination of the cook or the one who made the pie.

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